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Waiting For Execution

What does this status means?

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The strategy's operation has several phases. One of them is "waiting for execution". When the strategy shows this status, it means that the entry/exit has been triggered and that the order was sent to the broker. From this point, it is waiting for execution by the broker. You can see the pending order on your order logs on your broker account.

Why should it wait for execution?

Generally, this status will appear when the market conditions are not allowing the order to be fulfilled, for example:

  • In the case of limit orders, the strategy will send the limit order to the broker and the order will wait for the limit price to "meet the market". Until that happens, the strategy will wait for execution.

  • If the strategy triggers at the end of the trading day, and the order is sent to the broker just as the market is closed, the order will wait for the next trading day/session in order to be executed (by the broker)

In the example below, I am buying 0.5 BTC/USDT at (a limit of) 17,000- meaning once the BTC price will be 17,000. Since there are no other conditions, the order was sent immediately to the broker (indicating the entry has been triggered). BTC's price at the time of the strategy creation is 20,565.52, so the limit of 17,000 cannot be fulfilled. The order will remain in waiting for execution until the limit order, in this case, 17,000 can be obtained.

What happens when the strategy is "Waiting for execution" for a long time, specifically with market orders?

If the entry or the exit has been triggered, but the strategy is still showing the "waiting for execution" status, check your orders log on the broker account. If the order has been sent and is pending - it means that the strategy functions as expected.

However, if the order has been executed, but the strategy is still waiting for execution - please do the following:

  • Stop the strategy with preference 2, so it will take no further action.

  • Take manual control of the trade and close it when need be.​

  • Please let us know about it in the chat as soon as possible.

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