Welcome, Forex.com traders!

If you already signed up to Capitalise.ai and are ready to go live, you can connect your Forex.com account (live or demo) in order to send automated trading orders directly to your account for execution.

Please read this guide carefully before connecting your account, and make sure to renew the connection every 20 days.

Supported FOREX.com account types

Only accounts that meet the following criteria can be used with Capitalise.ai:

  • USA-based accounts only (real or demo)

  • MetaTrader 4/5 accounts are not supported

How to connect your account?

  1. On the Capitalise.ai main menu, click on Connect Trading account


  2. A pop-up window will open, asking you to fill out your FOREX.com account credentials. Enter your FOREX.com username and password and then click Submit.
    *Capitalise.ai does not store your credentials, but only sends them to FOREX.com's API for authentication.

  3. After submitting your credentials, you will get a notification approving the connection of your account.

  4. Now you're all set to run live automated trading strategies directly with your FOREX.com account.

Important To Note - the connection will expire every 20 days ⚠️

Make Sure to renew the connection on time in order to keep your live strategies active.
FOREX.com's API enables the connection for 20 days at a time.
After 20 days from your account connection, the connection will expire unless you renew it. Once the connection expires, your live strategies will be stopped without closing any open positions. You can renew the connection anytime before the 20 days expiration deadline.

How to renew your account connection?

Since Capitalise.ai does not store your account credentials, you will need to re-submit your username and password every 20 days in order to keep your account connected.

  1. On the Capitalise.ai main menu, you will see your account expiration date

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  2. Below it, click on Renew Connection

  3. A pop-up window will open, asking you to enter your FOREX.com account credentials. Enter your FOREX.com username and password and then click Submit.

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  4. Once done, your account connection will be renewed for an additional 20 days.

Switching connected accounts

You can only have one Forex.com account connected at a time.
If you have connected to a demo account and wish to switch to a real account, you have to disconnect your current account and then connect with another one.
Please note that once you disconnect your FOREX.com account, any live strategies running via this account wouldn't be able to execute trades, so make sure to stop any live strategies before disconnecting your account.

Important To Note - Strategies might look active when externally interfered ⚠️

In case a strategy has an open order, and the order was interfered with externally (by the user manually closing the position or by the broker closing the position due to assets liquidation), the strategy will keep running until the next trigger occurs. When trying to place the next order, the order will get rejected due to external interference and the strategy will be stopped (without closing any open orders).
If Forex.com liquidates a trader's assets and closes their position, the trader may still see the strategy running without interference on Capitalise.ai - until it triggers again.

Having issues when trying to connect your account?

Contact our support team via the in-app chat and we'll make sure to guide and assist you 🎓

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