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Release Notes - 15/05/2022
Release Notes - 15/05/2022

All the recent updates, upgrades, fixes and new features

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Our latest release, this week, includes:

  • Customized backtest period
    Now you can set a custom backtest date range. The date range is still limited to a period of up to 90 days back. Simply click the calendar icon on the Backtest button to set your desired backtest period:

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  • Un-trigger a Trading-View webhook condition
    This allows you to avoid strategy triggers when your TradingView condition is no longer valid. To do that, you need to create an additional TV alert with a msg that contains the original alertId +"untrigger":true.
    The msg should look like this:
    {"alertId": "0b47a939-fad1-4e1c-b9d4-768ac082e123", "untrigger":true}
    Whenever such an alert is triggered, the original alert will be untriggered.

  • Looping strategies without an exit condition
    You can now run in-loop strategies that have only an entry condition!
    This new feature allows you to create Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA) automated trades by entering trades in scheduled intervals. Additionally, it will enable you to set up in-loop Smart Notifications that were previously limited to one-time alerts.
    In order to run a strategy with entry-only in a loop, you have to include a timing condition within the strategy (so the strategy will know how long to wait before the next entry). For example: "Buy 1000 EUR/USD 1 hour after entry starts"
    Following that change, the In-Loop toggle was moved from the Exit-Step to the confirmation page.

  • Strategy Settings on the confirmation page
    Now you can set advanced strategy settings before running the strategy, on the confirmation page. This includes the In-Loop toggle, Strategy Stop-Loss, and Hits-Limit.

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  • New Materials on our Learning Center
    We've added easy-access links to join our Discord Community and schedule a live demo session. Check it out on the left-hand menu under Learning Center.​

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  • Fixed bugs and reinforced system stability

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