Release Notes - 13/03/2022

All the recent updates, upgrades, fixes and new features

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Hi Traders,

Our latest release, this week, includes 2 big steps toward DCA (Dollar Cost Average). DCA is a trading strategy, that includes several capabilities, or how tech-guys call them - features. So we broke down DCA into 4 different features, half of them are being launched now, and the other half (two) will be available in the next release.

So, what are we talking about?

  • 🌟 New feature: Adding a waiting period on the Entry strategy
    this feature allows you to set a waiting condition on the entry step by defining: X-Time from entry starts. This new feature allows you to automate your position entry to enter only after a certain time has passed (since the strategy started or since the position was closed). Check out this tutorial video to see it in action:

  • 🌟 New feature: Setting a hits-limit on a strategy
    Now, you have another measure of control that allows you to limit the number of hits a strategy can take. Few things to be mindful of:

    • 1 Hit = a full entry + exit cycle. A hit is considered as such only after both of them have been executed.

    • You will be able to set Hits-Limit only when the strategy is set to run in-loop.


    • You can set the limit on the strategy page, by entering a number that is higher than the current hits number.

  • New assets are added

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