Confirming the Strategy
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Before we put your plan into action, we’re going to have to make sure that everything is up to code.

The last step in finalizing your strategy is confirmation. It’s important that the system fully and completely understands exactly what you want your strategy to do — so be sure to go over the strategy details and double-check that we got everything right:

  1. The strategy as you wrote it.

  2. The conditions broken down into rules and actions.

  3. Setting whether the strategy will run just once, or in-loop. Note that only strategies with valid conditions, and ones with exit strategies, can be set to run in a loop.

  4. Hits limits - set a hit number of which above it the strategy will automatically stop.

  5. Stop-loss - set a $ value/amount of which above/under it, the strategy will automatically stop.

  6. Give your strategy a name.

  7. Choose the mode to run your strategy :

    1. Run Live

    2. Simulate

    3. Backtest

    4. If anything is unclear or doesn’t seem right, just go back and fix the strategy by clicking Back, or one of the Entry Strategy/Exit Strategy tabs (1).

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