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Release Notes - 16/01/2022

All the recent updates, upgrades, fixes and new features

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Hi Traders,

In this section, we will announce new features and publish updates regarding the platform's most recent developments and fixes.

Our latest release, this week, includes:

  • 🌟 New feature: an option to receive an email when backtests are completed.

We are aware that backtests can take a while sometimes. Now you can run a backtest and focus on other things (creating new strategies perhaps πŸ˜‰ ) and get informed when the backtest is done.

To activate this feature, mark the "Email me when it's ready" box while the backtest is processing and go on with your day.

  • Faster backtests


    Speaking of backtests - we have upgraded the cache capacity of the backtest engine, which will result in faster backtests and quicker completions, that will help you upgrade YOUR cash capacity. ​

  • Permanent TradingView alert webhook ID
    Those of you who are using TradingView alert webhook probably encountered a changing ID when running a simulation live, or editing the webhook on the wizard.
    That required updating the message on the TV alert when such change took place.
    Well, not anymore. From now on, the webhook ID is permanent, and will not change when running a simulation live or editing the webhook on the wizard.
    Less time on updating -> more time for trading

  • Remember 2FA for 7 days, for an easier, more secured login.

You would LOVE it if you are using 2FA and love it even more if you are using 2FA in several accounts. Now, you can ask the platform to remember the 2FA authentication for 7 days, getting the same security level, with fewer verification steps.

Note that you would have to check the box BEFORE entering the code, otherwise you will be automatically redirected to the platform.

  • Smoother data flows for IB simulations.

    For those of you who reached us with related issues, it is now fixed πŸ’ͺ

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