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Connecting an FXCM account to
Connecting an FXCM account to

A quick guide to connecting your trading account

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In order to execute your trades via your live FXCM account, you'll need to connect your trading account to

If you don't have an FXCM Trading Station (TS2) account, Click here to open an FXCM account.

Make sure to follow the below steps in order to successfully complete your account connection:

  1. Start with connecting to MyFXCM Client Portal

2. Click on Capitalise - Limited Trading Authorization:

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4. Fill and submit the Limited Trading Authorization (LTA) form, which authorizes to send orders to your trading account.


Wait for FXCM confirmation

It might take a day or two for FXCM to approve your account and send you your activation link to your email (be sure to check your spam folder).

If you didn't get the confirmation email, send us a message in the chat below and we'll help you through.

Validate the connection by signing in to your account with your unique activation link

  • Click your unique activation link in the email you got from FXCM.

  • Sign in with your email and password.

Having issues connecting your account?

Pop us a message in the chat and we'll help you through.

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