A. There are a couple of ways you can do this.

Your first option is to stop a strategy after a certain loss using the "Total SL" feature. 

Your second option is to stop the strategy after the current Entry/Exit finishes:

  1. Go to the Strategy page and toggle from In-Loop to Once. (If you’re not sure what that means, you can read more here.)

  2. When you switch an active strategy from In-Loop to Once, the strategy will stop after the next time it closes a position (as defined by your exit strategy).

  3. Now, it won’t look for another opportunity to enter a position, and thus, you have successfully stopped your strategy.

For the time being, you can’t specify how many times you want to run your strategy before it stops. But we’re always working to add new features — so stay tuned!

*Please note that all screenshots and examples are only shown for the purpose of a technical demonstration and should not in any way be construed as recommending any type of trading strategy and they do not constitute any form of advice. Please click here for further explanation

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