Restarting a stopped strategy

Learn how to restart a stopped strategy

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Maybe you prematurely stopped your strategy without meaning to. Or perhaps, you want to reactivate a past, successful strategy. No matter your reason for restarting (or for stopping), we make it as seamless as possible.

Just go to my strategies and click on stopped strategies. 

Then, select the strategy that you want to restart by clicking on the menu icon. A drop down menu will appear below.

Then, you’ll see two options for reuse of your strategy.

I. Play

Play will immediately restart the strategy, automatically moving it back into the live strategies view.

However, do note that the strategy’s P&L and historical data will still show up on your strategy page.

II. Clone

Cloning is a simple copy-paste job. Your old strategy will be copied to the strategy creation Wizard, where you can edit the strategy or run it as is. It creates a totally new strategy, and will not affect your existing strategy.

The play button is greyed out

You might have tried to restart a strategy, only to realize that you can’t reactivate it.

Usually, this happens when the strategy is stopped, but orders are left open. Though occasionally it occurs because the asset is no longer available or due to a technical issue.

When a strategy cannot be restarted the "Play" button will be grayed out:

The only way to run the strategy again is to clone the strategy first and then "Play."

*Please note all screenshots and examples are only shown for the purpose of a technical demonstration and should not in any way be construed as recommending any type of trading strategy and they do not constitute any form of advice. Please click here for further explanation.

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