Setting a stop-loss can help you limit your potential loss on a certain strategy. 

After you start a strategy, you can set its total stop-loss value. Adding the word “total” refers to the strategy as a whole, rather than to an individual hit. (However, stop-loss for each individual hit can be defined as part of the exit strategy.)

As the SL will trigger once the P/L is lower than Total SL, you must set it at a value that is lower than the current P/L.

You can choose to stop a strategy at a loss, defined as a negative P/L (like -$1,000 USD), or you can choose to stop it while you’re still at a profit which is defined as a positive P/L (like $1,000 USD). The total SL must be in USD.

*The final P/L is not guaranteed

*Please note that all screenshots and examples are only shown for the purpose of a technical demonstration and should not in any way be construed as recommending any type of trading strategy and they do not constitute any form of advice. Please click here for further explanation

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